Monday, February 2, 2015

Did I mention that we moved in?

We're IN!  We moved, a year ago this month!  It's been so fabulous I couldn't stop to tell everyone (sorry!).

WE LOVE OUR HOME!  What can I say, except: to really appreciate what that love means, you will have to experience it for yourself in person.  One thing I will always be grateful for is the 100s (yes, hundreds) of hands from near and far that touched some part of the building process over the years = thank each and every one of you.  That, and the recognition that we are living on and from St'at'imc unceded territory = kukwstum.

Take a journey back in time, by scrolling down through the photos, check out the older posts to see some of the faces (maybe yours) who helped out.  They are only really a smattering of images representing 7 years of sweat, and yes some tears, get the picture!  Many smiles and laughs were mixed into the hair pulling for balance. 

If I were to do it again (ha ha), I would strive to improve on the photo taking/documentation, and subsequent photo sharing.  Probably not going to happen in this lifetime! oh well.

So, come and visit and take your own photos and hear the stories in person,  see the house in full view, and feel the earth plaster with your own hands!  We really do enjoy having visitors, so get in touch.  We have a guest room,  and a guest cabin, and a camper, and maybe a bus someday, and hopefully smaller straw bale cabins in the future, but always lots of room to stretch out and breathe in the delicious Vast Mountain air.  
Enjoy !
THE FIRST SPIKE!  June 30, 2006.  I had to start with my favourite photo of this great adventure, the first one.

Time warp to October, 2014 : the Dining Room

Kitchen with post and beam detail, and unfinished cabinetry (a home is never really finished...)

Hand woven original hangings commissioned from a local friend.  The door on the left is to the root cellar below the kitchen, and the door on the right is the pantry. (visit
Koda, in his happy place.

One side of the Apothecary.

Masonry heater, cob on the outside and hand formed shelves for the knick-knacks.

Bathroom sink

Jonathan's first tiling project, the shower.


One end of the living room

Some beautiful art on earth plastered wall, natural colour.

Some more art, some squash...

Jamie and Dancer, on her first day here.

Tyler meeting Hawk, father of Dancer, new friends to us since the fall; Mandy is on the left, and Dancer is eating.


thanks everyone for helping make our dream come true (and that is not our home in the background)

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