Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Muddy Success

Our 2nd Earth Plaster workshop was a total success!  This was actually our very first workshop on our own, meaning we took the plunge, and with the blessing of the Mud Girls, did this one on our own.  Hats off to the Mud Girls for showing us how it's done ~ we are forever grateful to you!  Their workshops are HIGHLY recommended by the way (visit

We had the pleasure of hosting 10 wonderful people from as far away as Egypt (ok, via Montreal), and from as close as Lillooet, who took time out of their busy lives to come help us plaster the interior walls (on lath), plus our cob masonry heater and cement block chimney, as well as apply natural paint on the outside of our home.  The crew learned from scratch and mastered the art of earth plastering within days.  Karim, Hanaa, Coral, Joni, Jose, Glenda, Nelson, Lauriel, Mark and Diane...we thank you again for your help, enthusiasm, sense of adventure and love of all things mud!  The weather tried to challenge us, but nonetheless, we carried on and got tons done on the house.  The food was divine and plentiful, once again, huge thanks to Stepha and Anna.  Thanks to Devora, also once again, the kids were so well cared for and they had a blast!  Thanks also to Roy and Travis for being the behind the scenes people.  And to Camilche and Osha for coming in towards the end to lend a hand.  Thanks everybody... mi casa es su casa.

Getting down and dirty

Mastering the second coat
Natural painting with yellow ochre

Even kids can do it!

Time out to play a tune or two

Jonathan demonstrating the art of mixing natural paint to an attentive crew

Plastering the cob masonry heater

Our little village

The Crew ~ dogs, kids and Pumpy Pumpy Spray Thing included!

 Though it was only 4 days together, we all left the workshop feeling like family, or like it was the last day of camp ~ we lived and learned and ate and worked and sang and danced and talked and got down in the mud together, and got along extremely well to boot! The feedback during our closing circle was overwhelmingly positive. 'Twas a beautiful and fun time for sure.

These photos can only convey a hint of the experience - but, like chocolate, one has to try it to really know what it's like...there will be more workshops, keep your eyes peeled and let us know if you'd like to be on the list!


Manny Amadi said...

Guys what an adventure your having (the house looks amazing)- let me bring my tools with me and offer you my help. All the best

Anonymous said...

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