Thursday, January 24, 2008

Willing Workers and World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms

There is a most excellent organization that links people from all over the world in search of learning about organic farming, organic gardening, organic lifestyles, all that good stuff, with farmers, gardeners, homesteaders needing help and willing to teach and share a bit of their life with others. It is called WWOOF : Willing Workers or World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms. We are members of WWOOF Canada, Farm #138! Check it out, it has helped so many people, those seeking adventure and inquiry, and those seeking helping hands, while often creating lifelong friendships and imparting essential, practical skills that will be much more needed as time goes on. Visit for more information.


Saffron Slumber said...

I actually just recently joined WWOOF with the intention of heading to BC, and after flipping through the book a bit, I found myself extremely interested in your project. Reading what you've got on this blog has only piqued my interest even more! Will you be needing help in May?


gillian and jonathan and jamie too said...

Hi Kevin

Thanks for your interest, and congrats on becoming a WWOOFer! We will busy on other projects (like working to make some cash for the house) in April and May, but might need help towards the end of May. Please email me so that we can continue a dialogue on the topic, k? its much easier than this.

Thanks and good luck on your adventure!